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Author:Ken Prentice
Description: Dozens of point-and-click (mouse-only) calculators available for purchase: acceleration, air flow, ANSI codes, area, atomic mass, BTU, calendars, calories, capacitance reactance, circles, circular angles, circular mils, cone, conveyor speeds, current density, drill equivalents, drive speeds, duct area, electric field strength, electromotive force, ellipse, energy, flow, fractions, frequency, frustums, gauges, gears, head of water, heat index, hexadecimal/octal/decimal, horsepower, illuminance, inductive reactance, inertia, length, logic gates, luminance, magnetism, mass density, mass/weight, moon phases, mile per gallon (mpg), mph-kmh, nozzles, Ohms law, parallel resistance, percent, pi, pipe taps, planets, polygons, power, power density, pressure/stress, radiology, random numbers, resonance, resistor color code, resistance in series, RMS, roll length, roots, segment of a circle, speed, sphere, sound, steel weights, surface speed, tap drills (Imperial and metric), temperatures, thermal units, time constants, torque, right angle triangles, velocity, volume, water, wind chill index, wire, and more.

Levels: Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Educational Vendors, General Software Miscellaneous

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