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Author:School of Education, University of Michigan
Description: Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) "investigates the mathematical knowledge needed for teaching, and how such knowledge develops as a result of experience and professional learning." LMT's items, available online through the Teacher Knowledge Assessment System (TKAS), measure teachers' mathematical knowledge for teaching in elementary number and operations; elementary patterns, functions, and algebra; geometry (grades 3-8); rational numbers (grades 4-8); proportional reasoning (grades 4-8); and data, probability, and statistics (grades 4-8). See, in particular, research and results for freely downloadable articles such as "Developing Measures of Teachers' Mathematics Knowledge for Teaching," "Learning Mathematics for Teaching," "Effects of teachers' mathematical knowledge on student achievement," "Assessing Measures of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: A Validity Argument Approach," "Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis," "Teachers and Teaching," "Test Validation and the MKT Measures: Generalizations and Conclusions," "Validating the Ecological Assumption: The Relationship of Measure Scores to Classroom Teaching and Student Learning," "Validating the MKT Measures: Some Responses to the Commentaries," and "Assessing Elemental and Structural Validity: Data from Teachers, Non-teachers, and Mathematicians."

Levels: Elementary, Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Research Centers
Math Ed Topics: Specific Math Concepts/Techniques, Pedagogical Research

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