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Author:Deb Nolan and Terry Speed
Description: "Integrating the theory of statistics with the practice of statistics through a collection of case studies," each Stat Lab lab introduces a problem, provides some scientific background, suggests investigations for the data, and provides a summary of the theory used in the investigations. Chapters of the Springer-Verlag book by the same title include "Maternal Smoking and Infant Health," "Video Game Survey," "Minnesota Radon Survey," "Palindromes in Cytomegalo Virus DNA," "HIV in Hemophiliacs," "Dungeness Crab Growth," "Snow Gauge Calibration," "1988 Stockton Primary Exit Poll Survey," "Down Syndrome in Genetically Altered Mice," and "Tape Drive Quality." Download a sample chapter or all the raw data; read Stat Labs FAQs about the R statistical software package.

Levels: College
Languages: English
Math Topics: Statistics, Applications/Connections

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