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Visit this site: http://wonderopolis.org/wonders?category=math

Description: Each Wonder of the Day® includes several paragraphs' overview (Did you know?), modeling suggestions (Try it out!), a vocabulary list (Wonder Words), and other information to stimulate children's curiosity. Share your wonderments, questions, and answers online, or nominate your own Fermi problem-like musings, which have included "How Much Does Penny Candy Cost?" and "How Much Water Is In a Watermelon?" and "How Big Is the Bermuda Triangle?" and "Is a Gob More Than a Smidgen?" and "What Is Compound Interest?" and "How Many Blocks Make an Igloo?" and "Can You Count on the Census?" and "When Is Your Half Birthday?" Sponsored by the National Center for Family Literacy, with support from the Verizon Foundation, The Annenberg Foundation, Better World Books and Humana.

Levels: Elementary, Middle School (6-8)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Lesson Plans and Activities, Web-Based Discussions, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Challenges, Fun for Kids
Math Topics: Estimation, Measurement, Number Sense/About Numbers, Communicating Math, Probability, Applications/Connections

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