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Author:Andrew Ranicki
Description: Articles, video clips, bibliographies, and other assorted resources from the Scottish topologist and knot theorist who practices algebraic surgery, a classification method in topology for cutting up manifolds: the Jordan Curve Theorem and the classification of surfaces; exotic spheres; homology manifolds; triangulation and the hauptvermutung; baked goods (the Möbius-Bagel, bread that spelled out the Hirzebruch signature theorem, etc.); and more. Ranicki also offers resources on Poincaré's report in the Dreyfus case; bibliographies and tributes to V. P. Maslov, J. J. Sylvester, Michael Atiyah, and Des Sheiham; and a collection of Rob Kirby's Edinburgh Lectures on topological manifolds, their triangulations and smoothings.

Levels: Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Video, Articles, Bibliographies
Math Topics: Topology

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