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Author:Malke Rosenfeld
Description: Blog by a traditional percussive dancer (Appalachian style flatfooting and clogging and Canadian step dancing) who "teaches the math that directly relates to the process of making rhythm and patterns with the feet." Posts about the mathematics of percussive dance, which date back to October, 2010, have included "What You Can Learn from A Square," "The Power of Limits 4: A Jazz Metaphor in Mathematics Education," "Math & Movement Lesson: Basketball Court Pathways," "Starting Work with the Common Core State Standards," "Ode to A Dance Board," "Reflection is Good for Everyone (Even the Teacher!)," "Origami Twirling Bird: Points, Edges, Turns, Poetry and Poses," "Hundreds, Tens and Ones Revisited: Money Edition," "Supporting 'Math Values in a Rich Context' / Origami as Math," "Marx Brothers Math: Transformation & Reflection," "Marshmallow Math: Solids & Sculpture," "Knowing Numbers & UNO Update," "A Work in Progress: Paper Quilts & Hexagonal Rotation Designs," "Hundreds, Tens and Ones Revisited: Money Edition," "Totally Territorial: Cats, Maps, Area & Multiplication," "Hexagon Poetry," "Big Math: Kid Sized Geometric Structures," "If You Give a Girl a Grid...," "Prelude: Spiders Who Spin Fancy Webs," "A Flood of Self-Initiated Math," and "Sidewalk Math: Functions!" and "Is it Cheating to Use the Multiplication Chart?" and "White...Red...Light Green...Purple...Cuisenaire Rods!" Rosenfeld has developed the arts education programs Rhythm & Dance (now called Drum With Your Feet!) and Math In Your Feet. For Rosenfeld's new blog, visit mathinunexpectedspaces.wordpress.com; for her workshops, publications, gallery, upcoming presentations, and more, visit her home page.

Levels: Elementary, Middle School (6-8)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Audiovisuals, Web-Based Discussions, Articles
Math Topics: Basic Operations, Number Sense/About Numbers, Patterns/Relationships, Euclidean Plane Geometry, Transformational Geometry, Literature/Poetry, Music
Math Ed Topics: Non-traditional, Workshops/Inservice/Training, Common Core

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