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Author:Shecky Riemann
Description: Interviews, commentaries, book reviews, and other musings by "a number-luvin' primate... enamored of math since childhood" who went on to study psychology and work as a technician in toxicology, neurobiology, and clinical genetics labs. Posts by the pseudonymous Riemann, which date back to January, 2013, have included "How MOOCs Are Organizedů Devlin-style," "Clifford Pickover... One-Man Carnival," "Of P and NP," "Vickie Kearn... She Reads 'em Before You Ever Hear of 'em," "Math via The New York Times," "Numbers, Mnemonism, Savantism, Oh My," and "Statistics Is Suddenly Sexy!" See also Riemann's blog of "links for math buffs and number-lovin' laymen.

Levels: High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Web-Based Discussions
Math Ed Topics: Materials-Reviews/Recommendations, Technology in Math Ed, Public Understanding of Math

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