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Author:Steckles, Katie; Perfect, Christian; and Rowlett, Peter
Description: "A meeting-place for people who already know they like maths and would like to know more." Posts, which date back to February, 2008, have included "Podcast: Episode 2 - Noel-Ann Bradshaw, Newton and Leibniz"; "9 is an experimental error"; "Wolfram Alpha and its geeky sense of humour"; "Mathematics Today June: University Liaison Officer's Report"; "Reading list for a keen 13 year old mathematician"; "Podcast: Episode 52 Jackie Grinsell, Mathematics teaching"; "Math/Maths History Tour of Nottingham 3/3 When Einstein came to town"; "Types of scientist (or mathematician)"; "Smart Phone Apps for University Mathematics"; "Too old for such silly toys"; "The Alan Turing (Statutory Pardon) Bill first reading"; "The Mathematician's Shirts"; "Using Computer Modern on the web"; "Calculus of the Nervous System"; "Cardboard SKI calculus"; "Open Season - Singmaster's Conjecture"; and "MathsJam expands yet again!" The Aperiodical maintains a collection of blogs that have hosted the monthly Carnival of Mathematics. See, in particular, the trio's Mathematical Survey, which gathers opinions about favourite numbers, how you write the letter x as a variable, choice of axioms, how you eat corn on the cob, TeX stories and preferences, and other miscellany. Rowlett has also archived his 64 podcasts of mathematicians talking about their work, and Steckles and Perfect's podcasts of conversations with mathematicians.

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