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A History of Mathematical Notations

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Author:Florian Cajori
Description: "In this history it has been an aim to give not only the first appearance of a symbol and its origin, but also to indicate the competition encountered and the spread of the symbol among writers in different countries...." The first volume of Cajori's authoritative 1928 text consists of four chapters: "Numerical Symbols and Combinations of Symbols"; "Symbols in Arithmetic and Algebra"; "Topological Survey of the Use of Notations"; and "Symbols in Geometry." Illustrations include Babylonian tablets; Hieroglyphic, Heratic, and Coptic numerals; a computing table of Salamis; degenerate forms of Roman Numerals; Quipu from ancient chancay in Peru; Dresden Codex of Maya; and many more from the Greek, Hindu, Arabic, Byzantine, and Chinese civilizations.

Levels: High School (9-12), College, Research
Languages: English
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Math Topics: Communicating Math, History and Biography

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