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Author:Nautilus Ventures LLC
Description: An online and print monthly dedicated "to science and its endless connections to our lives." Each issue contains chapters — essays, investigative reports, blogs, fiction writing, games, videos, graphic stories, and other original content — that combine the sciences, culture, and philosophy. Past chapters in the category "Numbers" have treated the mythology of the golden ratio and included an interview with Benoît Mandelbrot (with an online multiple choice test called Benoit's Body Fractal Quiz) from the issue entitled "The Story of Nautilus — The nautilus, our namesake, is the subject"; discussed the traveling salesman problem (TSP) and transport optimization, and explored the modern realities of automotive safety from "In Transit — The elements of motion"; offered an interview with Yitang "Tom" Zhang, from "Fame — The evolution of celebrity"; and remembered Andrei Kolmogorov as the inventor of modern probability, from "The Unlikely — Chasing the odds."

Levels: High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Magazines, Recreations, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Number Sense/About Numbers, Communicating Math, Discrete Math, Dynamical Systems, History and Biography, Probability, Statistics, Applications/Connections
Math Ed Topics: Public Understanding of Math

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