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What kind of math? Photo Challenge

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Visit this site: http://math.uchicago.edu/~mann/photochallenge.htm

Author:Kathryn Mann
Description: Pictures of math graduate students with word-bubbles showing "the kind of math that's right" for them. Submit your own group snapshots and subfields. Inspired by an observation that a flyer from the American Mathematical Society (AMS) reinforced sexist stereotypes, with "male students listing pure math topics, and the female students having 'applied math,' 'actuarial science,' and 'math education.'" Mann, a graduate student in her final year of study at the University of Chicago, also provides papers and slides about her research into diffeomorphism groups of manifolds and representation spaces.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Graphics
Math Topics: Manifolds/Cell Complexes, Geometry, Topology
Math Ed Topics: Degrees/Higher Ed, Women

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