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Author:Audrey McLaren
Description: Blog of "a teacher's real-time journey into Web 2.0" for "anyone who loves to teach, loves technology but feels easily overwhelmed by it, nevertheless feels compelled to learn how to use it, needs things explained real slow like, is not afraid to ask questions and reveal the above about themselves, and would like to learn along with someone who fits in all of the above categories." Posts, which date back to January, 2011, have included "How to Shut Up," "Flipping 101," "Congruent Triangles à la Webtools," "The Ten Stages of Flip," "Followup on exponential activity," "Update #1 on Physics-Math Co-teaching Project," "Digital Dust," "The Day My Brain Talked to Me, or How I Learned to Think Like a Logarithm," and "Googledocs will you marry me?" See, in particular, McLaren's GeoGebra instructional videos and practice files, explorations, worksheets, activities, and demonstrations. The Montreal-based teacher also maintains a classblog, which dates back to September, 2012, with posts such as "Information for optional instead-of-test blog post," "Solving trig eqns 1: your summaries," "Your answers storified," "Desmos and The Big Seventeen," and "Why the tan function does what it does!"

Levels: High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Lesson Plans and Activities, Problems/Puzzles, Web-Based Discussions, Topic Tools Miscellaneous
Math Topics: Pre-Calculus
Math Ed Topics: Specific Math Concepts/Techniques, Teaching Styles/Practices, Technology in Math Ed, Writing/Communication in Math

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