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Author:Adrianne Meldrum
Description: Tutoring elementary and middle school students, Meldrum would often "hunt the Internet for tips and helps on teaching concepts to my students. I find great stuff, but I wanted somewhere central that other tutors like me could find them...." Every Wednesday since March, 2012, she posts about math: "Brain Tower Algebra," "Graphing Boards on the Cheap," "Nuts N' Bolts for Math," "Teaching Fractions on the Number Line," "Pyramid Solitaire," "DIY Jenga," "Tips for Teaching Standard, Expanded and Word Form," "Book Review: Laura Candler's Mastering Math Facts," "Math is Real Life: Car Maintenance," "Math Test Checklist," "Geometry Cross Sections with Play Dough," an entire series of LEGO Math Ideas, and "CRASH!"

Levels: Elementary, Middle School (6-8)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Games, Manipulatives, Lesson Plans and Activities, Web-Based Discussions
Math Topics: Basic Algebra, Arithmetic/Early Math, Triangles and Other Polygons
Math Ed Topics: Materials-Reviews/Recommendations, Activities, Psychological/Affective Issues, Homeschooling, Specific Math Concepts/Techniques

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