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Author:Romyar Sharifi, Principal Investigator
Description: In this intensive five-day-long school, advanced graduate students work closely with senior faculty and postdoctoral fellows — not as individual researchers presenting their work in relative isolation, but in highly participatory, extended courses on a set of closely related topics. Arizona Winter School (AWS) topics have included Diophantine geometry related to the ABC Conjecture, modular forms, number theory and physics, p-adic geometry, special functions and transcendence, quadratic forms, Stark-Heegner points, ramification and geometry, and arithmetic statistics. Freely download project descriptions, problem sets, and lecture notes, as well as presentation slides and video from AWS and its Distinguished Lecture Series. Founded in 1997 with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) by seven mathematicians working in the southwest (Alex Buium, Minhyong Kim, Bill McCallum, Wayne Raskind, Dinesh Thakur, Doug Ulmer, and Felipe Voloch), the Center's directors have since included Matt Papanikolas, David Savitt, William Stein, Rachel Pries, and — most recently — Bryden Cais, Mirela Ciperiani, and Romyar Sharifi.

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