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Author:Daren Willman
Description: Daily feeds of Major League Baseball (MLB) player matchups and advanced statistics on those players. See, in particular, Willman's Instant Replay Database, which analyzes umpire reviews and manager challenges of fair or foul in outfield, fan interference, force plays, grounds rules, hit by pitch (HBPs), home runs, home-plate collisions, passing runners, stadium boundary calls, tag plays, timing plays, touching a base, trap plays, and more; and his search of the PITCHf/x database of MLB Advanced Media (MLBAM), which churns out statistics and graphs that break down every big league pitch since 2008 according to its trajectory, velocity, break, horizontal and vertical release points, location in the strike zone, and much more, all cross-referenced against at-bat details and other game situations. More BaseballSavant.com applications include spray chart compare, umpire stats, historical scouting reports, batting order stats, salary breakdown, and interactive schedule map.

Levels: Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Recreations, Reference Sources, Web Interactive/Java
Math Topics: Data Analysis, Data Sets, Statistics, Sports

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