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Author:Jon Orr
Description: Blog by a Chatham, Ontario (Canada) secondary school math teacher. Posts, which date back to February, 2009, have included "Gr. 11 Quadratics Functions in the real world," "Grade 12 – Mind Map for Project," "Grade 9 Pentominoes," "Grade 11 – Exponential Functions Review Videos," "3 Act Math – Ground Cover," "Function Art," "Using Video/Images to Engage in Math," "Game of Risk," "Math is Like…. [first day]," "Modelling in Clash of Clans," "Pattern Talks," "Pumpkin Time Bomb – Data Collection," "To edTech or Not?" and "Instantaneously Awesome!" and "Solve, Crumple, Toss – Trashketball!" See also Orr's book Math Before Bed and its accompanying website.

Levels: High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Audiovisuals, Lesson Plans and Activities, Problems/Puzzles, Web-Based Discussions
Math Topics: Basic Algebra, Patterns/Relationships, Combinatorics, Pre-Calculus, Data Analysis, Data Sets, Applications/Connections
Math Ed Topics: Grouping/Cooperative Learning, Problem-Solving, Activities, Technology in Math Ed

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