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Easing the Hurry Syndrome

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Author:Jennifer Wilson
Description: Blog by a teacher in Flowood (Mississippi) whose course load includes Advanced Placement Calculus and Geometry. Posts often begin with alignments to relevant Common Core State Standard (CCSS) and feature screenshots of TI-Nspire CAS Navigators, with original student work in between. Dating back to August, 2012, they have included "Speeding Ticket," "Mapping an Image onto Itself," "Performance Assessment — Rigid Motions," "Reflections on the Fire Hydrant," "Seven Circles," "Balancing a Triangle," "The Shipwrecked Surfer," "Pythagorean Relationships: The Question That Probes," "Altitude to the Hypotenuse," "Unit 6: Dilations — Student Reflections," "Special Right Triangles," "Hopewell Geometry — Misconceptions," "Length & Area — Sliding Triangles," "Day 180 — Embracing a Growth Mindset for Learning," "The Protractor Tool," "Why I Believe in CCSS," "Understanding the Slope of the Tangent Line," "Visual: SMP-3 Construct Viable Arguments and Critique the Reasoning of Others #LL2LU," "SMP5: Use Appropriate Tools Strategically #LL2LU," "Origami Regular Octagon," "Carrying a Parallelogram Onto Itself," "A-S-N-T-F" (always, sometimes, never, true, false), "Productive Struggle: The Law of Sines," and "What's My Rule?"What's My Rule?

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