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Author:Strategic Education Research Partnership
Description: Makers of Tools for Sense-making; the 5 × 8 card, an observation protocol; AlgebraByExample, sets of algebra problems that prompt students to analyze and explain errors in wrongly worked examples; and poster problems for sixth and seventh graders, such as "The Intensity of Chocolate Milk," "Toothpick Patterns," "Rating Rate Plans," "Knowing Nets," " Drag Racer Dragonfly," "Seeing Sums," and "Triangles to Order." See also the Strategic Education Research Partnership (SERP) Institute. SERP was incubated at the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

Levels: Elementary, Middle School (6-8)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Multimedia, Video, Educational Tools/Objects, Lesson Plans and Activities, Problems/Puzzles, Word Problems
Math Topics: Equations, Fractions/Decimals/Percents, Patterns/Relationships, Problem-Solving, Communicating Math, Euclidean Plane Geometry
Math Ed Topics: Problem-Solving, Specific Math Concepts/Techniques, Common Core

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