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Author:University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Description: High-resolution archival images of manuscripts from the University of Pennsylvania Libraries and other institutions, along with machine-readable descriptions and technical metadata. Digitized cultural heritage materials on mathematics include "Treatise on the fundamentals of arithmetic" (from mid-13th century Italy); "Devoirs et mes conférences de Poincaré" (late 19th century France); "Cose di geometria" (late 15th century Venice); "Lecture notes on physics, statics, and mechanics" (late 18th century); "Geometria" (mid-12th century Bavaria); "Mathematical notes" (late 18th century France); "Arithmetic copy books" (mid-19th century United States); and "A geometricall extraction for all affected to the mathematickes" (17th century England).

Levels: Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), College, Research
Languages: English, French, Italian
Resource Types: Publications, Reference Sources
Math Topics: Arithmetic/Early Math, Euclidean Plane Geometry, History and Biography, Physics

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