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Description: Aquatint collection of the ten "most beautiful mathematical expressions," as selected by Michael Atiyah (the Index Theorem), Enrico Bombieri (the Ree Group Formula), Simon Donaldson (Ampère's Law), Freeman Dyson (the MacDonald Equation), Murray Gell-Mann (SU3 Symmetry Group Exactly Conserved), Richard Karp (P vs NP), Peter Lax (Conservation Laws), David Mumford (on the appearance of 13 in moduli space of curves of genus g), Stephen Smale (Newton's Method), and Steven Weinberg (the Lagrangian of the Electroweak Theory). Presented in association with the Department of Mathematics at Dartmouth College, this portfolio of fine art prints gives new life to the question, "What is beautiful mathematics?" Concinnitas was published by Bob Feldman of Parasol Press in collaboration with the Yale University Art Gallery and Bernard Jacobson Gallery and curated by Dan Rockmore; executed by the fine print printshop Harlan & Weaver, Inc.

Levels: High School (9-12), College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Graphics
Math Topics: Art

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