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Author:Peter Cameron
Description: Blog by the University of London professor emeritus. Cameron, whose research focused on combinatorics and group theory, has described his blog as "[helping] me keep my sanity amid the crazy things that sometimes go on in academic life." Posts, which date back to May, 2009, have included "Quality in higher education"; "100 problems"; "The symmetric group, 12"; "Pretty structures"; "Fear of mathematics"; "The commutative law"; "When I walk into the room"; "Open access publishing"; "Kids can learn to love the STEM subjects" (a guest post by Lauren Bailey); "Mathematical Structures, 0"; "Retirement"; "Knuth on typesetting"; "A pigeonhole problem"; "Steiner systems"; "Futoshiki squares"; "Picture of an isomorphism" (on the Set card game); "Asymptotic group theory, 3"; "Partition homogeneity"; "There is no McLaughlin geometry"; "Pappus and Diophantus"; "Oligomorphic Permutation Groups"; "Sesqui-arrays"; "Infinity and Foundation"; and "How wrong was Cauchy?" and "Will computers discover topology?" On his blog, Cameron also maintains an extensive collection of quotes about mathematics, as well as lecture notes and historical documents such as "Borcherds' proof of the moonshine conjecture" and "Never apologise, always explain: scenes from mathematical life."Knuth on typesetting

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
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Math Topics: Group Theory, Combinatorics
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