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Author:Joey Kelly
Description: Blog by a high school math teacher at a STEM Academy in the Boston Public Schools. Kelly explains the title of his blog as setting a tone on two levels: "I don't want my students asking it. This question is emblematic of the culture of answer-getting and the anxiety over not knowing how to find it. I don't want my students motivated by extrinsic factors like grades and teacher-approval. I want my students to do mathematics because they find it fun and interesting — because they know the intrinsic satisfaction of a problem understood and resolved. On the other hand, I need to ask myself this question all the time. I don't have the solution to every math problem and I definitely don't have the solution to every teaching problem. I need to keep experimenting and investigating, and I hope that by writing a blog, I keep looking for ways to improve my teaching." Posts, which date back to August, 2014, have included "Split 25"; "Strategy Showcase: I, We, You"; "Maximaze"; "Reflections on Math Teacher Training"; "Strategy Showcase: Always/Sometimes/Never"; "NCTM Lessons: Randomness, Verticality, and Spiraling Activities"; "2016 — The Year I Switched Schools"; "My #1TMCthing Vulnerability"; "Restructuring Algebra 2"; and "Reusable Structures."

Levels: High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Web-Based Discussions
Math Topics: Basic Algebra, Patterns/Relationships, Problem-Solving
Math Ed Topics: Problem-Solving, Materials-Reviews/Recommendations, Activities, Specific Math Concepts/Techniques, Teaching Styles/Practices, Staff/Prof Development

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