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Author:Sarah Caban
Description: Blog by a K-12 math coach from Maine who shares "... excerpts from lessons where teachers and students arrive at the edge of what they understand. I invite you to comment. What do you notice? What would you do next? How would you push the edge?" Posts, which date back to April, 2016, have included "modeling with fractions, revisited"; "Learning Rounds: Watch and Learn"; "I think it is about the conversations"; "''I just kept trying the 50 face'"; "Ask. Then, Listen"; "Mistrust"; "One Group of Itself"; "The Lure of a Good Rabbit Hole"; "To Whom it May Concern: Learn to Love the Why"; "Save the Least Efficient Strategy for Last"; "Rife With Conflict"; and "The Unorthodox Guide to Math Coaching."

Levels: Elementary, Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12)
Languages: English
Resource Types: Lesson Plans and Activities, Web-Based Discussions
Math Topics: Basic Algebra, Arithmetic/Early Math, Communicating Math, Euclidean Plane Geometry, Pre-Calculus
Math Ed Topics: Assessment/Testing, Problem-Solving, Psychological/Affective Issues, Specific Math Concepts/Techniques, Teaching Styles/Practices, Writing/Communication in Math, Continuing Ed, Staff/Prof Development, Common Core, Educational Systems

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