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Visit this site: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~eppstein/junkyard/open.html

Author:David Eppstein, Theory Group, ICS, UC Irvine
Description: An extensive annotated list of links to material on open problems in geometry: antipodes; bounded degree triangulation; centers of maximum matchings; chromatic number of the plane; combinatorial complexity of spheres; covering points by rectangles; cube triangulation; Delaunay triangulation of projected points; geombinatorics (making math fun again); geometric graph coloring problems; integer distances; mirrored room illumination; point on many lines; Prince Rupert's tetrahedra? pushing disks together; quasi-polynomial bound for the diameter of graphs of polyhedra; rational triangles; squares on a Jordan curve; sums of square roots; three-color the Penrose tiling; tiling problems; triangulations with many different areas; unfolding convex polyhedra; unit area triangle.

Levels: High School (9-12), College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Problems/Puzzles, Link Listings
Math Topics: Geometry

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