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Hilbert's Tenth Problem

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Author:Russian Academy of Sciences
Description: A page to promote research connected with the negative solution of Hilbert's Tenth Problem and developed techniques, which have applications in the theory of algorithms, algebra, number theory, model theory, proof theory and in theoretical computer science. Original statement (in German, English, French, and Russian): Given a diophantine equation with any number of unknown quantities and with rational integral numerical coefficients: devise a process according to which it can be determined by a finite number of operations whether the equation is solvable in rational integers. Bibliography, Articles and preprints, and links to related sites. From the Laboratory of Mathematical Logic at the St. Petersburg Division of Steklov Institute of Mathematics (POMI) of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English, French, German
Resource Types: Articles, Preprints, Bibliographies
Math Topics: Number Theory

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