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Motion Mountain Project

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Author:Christoph Schiller
Description: A mountain hike along the concepts of modern physics - a free physics textbook in English and Dutch, in PDF format, intended for anybody with an in-depth interest in physics and in nature. The aim is to write an exciting university-level textbook - if you knew nothing about physics, and had nothing but this book, you would get a complete tour of its most important ideas. In Part 1, How do things and images move? Classical physics, the description of hiking and other everyday motion leads the authors to introduce for its description the concepts of time, length, mass, charge, field, manifold, and lagrangian, which allow us to understand among other things why we have legs instead of wheels, and why we can see the stars. With related links and other physics textbooks on the Web.

Levels: College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Textbooks, Link Listings
Math Topics: Calendars/Dates/Time, Terms/Units of Measure, Physics

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