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The Generalized Theory of Life

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Author:Vyacheslav L. Kalmykov; Institute of Cell Biophysics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Description: A paper that presents an integrally generalized theory or conceptualization of life that includes elements of an axiomatic approach and is physically interpretable, formulated as the result of attempts to invent a holistic system of creative synthetic definitions currently still absent for a sufficiently good understanding of life. The combinatorial generation of a mathematical groupoid of ten pairs of mutually antipodal elementary operations not reducible to each other ("the generalized invariant or functional scheme of complexity"), which looks like the most general of all possible groupoids of symmetry, is suggested as a fundamental notion for organizing life. The scheme appears to be fundamental not only for biological objects but also for society, culture, consciousness, artificial life, and artificial intelligence.

Levels: Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Articles
Math Topics: Group Theory, Symmetry/Tessellations, Biology, Artificial Intelligence

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