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Visit this site: http://www.math.tamu.edu/~fulling

Author:Stephen A. Fulling
Description: Courses in Foundation Coalition Freshman Calculus, linearity, and other subjects offer objectives, assignments, solutions and reports, exams, and supporting documentation such as books (.pdf, .ps, and .dvi formats). The site also includes access to the author's publications (online and in .dvi format) on semiclassical approximations; eigenfunction expansions; asympotic analysis of differential equations; applications of pseudodifferential operators; applications of group theory, graph theory, and number theory to quantum computation; and literate programming.

Levels: College
Languages: English
Resource Types: Course Notes, Syllabi, Problems/Puzzles, Articles, Books
Math Topics: Linear Algebra, Eigenvectors/Eigenvalues, Matrices, Systems of Linear Equations, Vectors, Group Theory, Calculus (Single Variable), Differentiation, Integration, Sequences and Series, Calculus (Multivariable), Differentiation, Integration, Vector Analysis, Ordinary Differential Equations, Graph Theory, Number Theory, Approximation Theory, Computer Science, Quantum Theory

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