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Author:John Baez
Description: The site features the author's column "This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics," with archives dating back to 1993. "Fun stuff" includes old posts and email on Bayesianism in probability theory and quantum mechanics; some rambling lectures on knot polynomials, braids, anyons, and r-commutative geometry; a tour of some properties of the group of permutations of 6 elements, and its relation to the icosahedron; a sketch of the proof of the spin-statistics theorem; a puzzle about the "square root of complex conjugation"; an account of the appearance of symmetry groups in physics; a primer on the category of tangles; and the wobbling of the earth and other curiosities - a brief foray into celestial mechanics. "Serious Stuff" lists Baez's papers and books, many available in .ps format for download. Also, transparencies of some of Baez's talks, including one on quantum geometry and black hole entropy; and sci.physics newsgroup FAQs on physics and relativity.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Graphics, Course Notes, Articles, Books, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Math Topics: Category Theory/Homological Algebra, Physics, Quantum Theory, Relativity/Gravitational Theory

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