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Visit this site: http://parallel.hpc.unsw.edu.au/complex/

Author:University of New South Wales
Description: A scientific information network about complex systems, structures and processes that involve non-linearity. Topics in complexity include artificial life, cellular automata, chaos, evolutionary computation, fractals, genetic algorithms, neural networks (natural and artificial), parallel computing, percolation, renormalization theory, and spin glasses. Information falls into four categories: communications (newsgroups), publications (research journals, software, bibliographies, and tutorials for an introduction to cellular automata, L-systems, and fractals for beginners), virtual libraries (structured guides and search indices of network links), and on-line interactive services (fractal image analysis, and a repository of software about artificial life, artificial neural networks, chaos, cnode, evolution, fractals, and neural networks, etc.).

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Newsgroups, Articles, Reference Sources, Tutorials
Math Topics: Dynamical Systems, Cellular Automata, Chaos, Fractals, Nonlinear Dynamics

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