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Author:Roger Bishop Jones
Description: Math essays organized into three categories: general (threads in the web of mathematics and re-use and abstraction); real numbers (a logical development, some history, and computing with reals); and history (a short history of rigour in mathematics, classical Greek mathematics, mathematics and the scientific revolution, the formalisation of mathematics, and formality and rigour in 20th century mathematics). Essays on the philosophy of mathematics which are oriented toward foundational issues, such as a discussion of reasons for considering alternatives to ZFC as a foundation for mathematics; as well as an introduction to some of the interesting philosophical problems which concern mathematics, some brief biographical notes on what a selection of philosophers have contributed to the philosophy of mathematics, and notes on philosophical theory about the status of mathematical truths (i.e., that they are logically necessary or analytic). Other essays, on logic and computing, include Combinators, Lambda-calculi and Type Systems; and QED Project, the first goal of which is to help mathematicians cope with the explosion in mathematical knowledge.

Levels: High School (9-12), College, Research
Languages: English
Math Topics: History and Biography, Logic/Foundations

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