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Author:Tony Smith
Description: Responses to questions such as what is the d4-d5-e6-e7 model? What is a Lie group? What is a Jordan algebra? What are Clifford algebras and spinors? What is the Hodge star map? What about octonions? Why not sedenions? Also, essays on double-6 and 27-line and a Mac application to make them; Halayudha, hexagons, hypercubes, Hermes and Plato; lattices; magic square of algebra of Freudenthal-Tits; Mckay correspondence and A-D-E; Moebius transformations; music and the physical universe; nondistributive algebras; Palais 3-D filmstrip graphics; Penrose-Wang tilings; Del Pezzo surfaces; prime numbers; quaternions, octonions, and physics in the 1800s; spheres (exotic, homotopy, Poincare dodecahedral s3); surreal numbers; symmetric spaces and Shilov boundaries; symplectic spaces; torsion; Weyl groups; Witt index and quadratic forms; and Wei-Qi-Baduk Game of Go.

Levels: College, Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Preprints
Math Topics: Modern Algebra

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