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Visit this site: http://www.research.att.com/~amo/

Description: Home page of the Head of the Mathematics and Cryptography Research Department at AT&T Labs. The site contains a comprehensive list of his papers, most of which may be downloaded in LaTex, PDF, or PostScript form if they are not available as plain text. Topics include: communication networks, research, technology, and society, electronic publishing and electronic commerce, cryptography, number theory, zeros of the Riemann zeta function, algorithms and computational complexity, combinatorial enumeration and asymptotics, general combinatorics, probability, error-correcting codes, sphere packings, and related topics, and sequences and polynomials with restricted coefficients. A table of zeros for the Riemann zeta function is also available.

Levels: Research
Languages: English
Resource Types: Research Centers, Articles
Math Topics: Polynomials, Sequences and Series, Algorithms, Combinatorics, Number Theory, Analytic Number Theory, Probability, Computer Science

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