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Selected Calculator Resources on the WWW

The Forum's Internet Mathematics Library provides pages of links to sites about Calculators and Calculators in Math Education. A few selections from these pages are offered below.

  Advanced Algebra Through Data Exploration: A Graphing Calculator Approach - Key Curriculum Press
An all-new text that combines data exploration, hands-on activities, and the power of graphing calculators to enhance the content of advanced ... more>>

  Basic TI-82 Tutorial - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
An online interactive tutorial that starts from scratch with turning on the TI-82 calculator and takes you through the basic steps needed to do ... more>>

  Basic TI-92 Tutorial - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
An online interactive tutorial updated for the new TI-92 layouts and commands. It begins with turning on the TI-92 calculator and proceeds through the ... more>>

  Calculators On-Line Center - Martindale's Reference Desk
Online software and Java applets that calculate quantities for a number of general and specific uses. Numerous "calculators" available for Code ... more>>

  Calculators On-Line Center: Part II - Mathematics - Martindale's Reference Desk
Over 7,420 calculators for: Unit Conversion (Time, Distance, Length, Speed, Weight, etc.); Abacus; Basic Math; Complex Mathematics; Complex Math ... more>>

  Desmos - Desmos Inc
This free online graphing calculator zooms in and out of plots, offers slider bars to explore parameters, switches between Cartesian and polar ... more>> - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Texas Instruments calculator resources and educational solutions: product information; free program downloads; classroom activities, including both a ... more>>

  Handheld Software Applications - Texas Instruments, Inc.
Software applications and programs made available for downloading as a non-commercial service to benefit TI graphing calculator owners. Programs are ... more>>

  The Role of Calculators in Math Education - Heidi Pomerantz, Bert Waits for USI/CPMSA
This PDF article outlines the benefits of calculator use in mathematics classrooms from kindergarten through the university level, describing how ... more>>
The unofficial TI-calculator home page. A non-profit, collaborative effort geared toward fans of Texas Instruments' graphing calculators, acting as a ... more>>

  TI-Nspire: Taking Learning to New Heights - Marc Garneau
A blog about the TI-Nspire™ graphing calculator, and its use in the classroom. Includes Garneau's handout from the T^3 International Conference ... more>>

  Uncovering Mathematics with Manipulatives and Calculators - Texas Instruments, Inc.
A text that provides K-6 activities emphasizing problem solving, reasoning, communications, and connections, clustered into four content strands: ... more>>

  The University of Chicago School Mathematics Program (UCSMP)
A K-12 curriculum begun in 1983, with educational materials designed to bring the real world into the classroom, emphasizing reading, problem-solving, ... more>>

For more, search or browse Calculators and Calculators in Math Education in the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

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