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The Forum's Internet Mathematics Library provides a page of links to Calculus Reform resources. A few selections from these pages are offered below.

Calculus Reform is one of the most active areas of math education reform at the pre-college and college levels. An MAA committee, Calculus Reform and the First Two Years (CRAFTY), is at work on this topic.

A useful collection of articles can be found in the January 1995 issue of the MAA's Undergraduate Mathematics Education Trends.

Discussing the issues: calc-reform is an e-mail discussion group hosted by e-MATH of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) and archived by the Math Forum. The goal of this list is to assist in communication between friends and active developers of materials and projects aimed at reform of curriculum and pedagogy for calculus and elementary linear algebra, including differential equations. For information about the list, consult About calc-reform.

  Calculus, Concepts, Computers, and Cooperative Learning (C4L) - Ed Dubinsky, David Mathews, and Keith Schwingendorf
"Constructivist learning theory in practice," following six principles: research into student learning is critical; conceptual understanding is ... more>>

  The Calculus Consortium - John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Publishers
The Calculus Consortium, based at Harvard University and funded by NSF, produced textbooks such as Functions Modeling Change, Applied Calculus, ... more>>

  Calculus&Mathematica - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ohio State University
A computer-based course about calculus, differential equations, and matrix theory, which the instructor can use as soon as the computers are unloaded ... more>>

  Calculus Reform Sessions - 1997 AMS/MAA Joint Meetings - The Math Forum
A selection of presentations from the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 8-11 January 1997, San Diego, ... more>>

  Computer Algebra Systems in Calculus Reform - Lisa Denise Murphy
A literature review that starts with a brief history of the calculus reform movement and goes on to describe several studies in which computer ... more>>

  Computer-Based Calculus - Przemyslaw Bogacki, Gordon Melrose; Old Dominion University
Archives of the ODU Calculus Project project, which has the goals of enhancing students' graphical and numerical understanding of calculus, and making ... more>>

  Project CALC: Calculus as a Laboratory Course - Lawrence C. Moore and David A. Smith, Duke University
An NSF-funded curriculum development project that has produced materials for a three-semester reform calculus course emphasizing real-world problems, ... more>>

  Reform Calculus Resources - Harel Barzilai
Many printable activities and worksheets, some with solutions, long-term student projects, capsules and tutorials, and resources for instructors ... more>>

  Sessions on Calculus Reform - The Math Forum
Excerpts from the MAA sessions and minicourses on Planning Reformed Calculus Programs--Experiences and Advice, the AMS/MAA Joint Mathematics Meetings, ... more>>

  Symposium on Implementing Reform in Math, Engineering, and the Sciences
A workshop that brought together college faculty and administrators involved in large-scale implementation projects on the freshmen and sophomore ... more>>

  Wisconsin Emerging Scholars Program (WES) - The Math Forum
A program for calculus students designed to boost the performance and persistence of freshman in the UW-Madison's 3-course calculus sequence--a ... more>>


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Tucker, Alan C. and James R. C. Leitzel, Eds. Assessing Calculus Reform Efforts, Mathematical Association of America Report, 1995.

For more, search or browse Calculus Reform in the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

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