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Selected sites on Constructivism from the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library:

  Calculus, Concepts, Computers, and Cooperative Learning (C4L) - Ed Dubinsky, David Mathews, and Keith Schwingendorf
"Constructivist learning theory in practice," following six principles: research into student learning is critical; conceptual understanding is ... more>>

  Center for Science & Mathematics Teaching (CSMT) - Tufts University
The Center, directed by Ronald Thornton, develops curricula, activities, and computer tools which allow students to participate actively in their own ... more>>

  Epistemology and Learning Group - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Constructionism asserts that knowledge is not simply transmitted from teacher to student, but is actively constructed by the mind of the learner, and ... more>>

  Essays on Constructivism and Education - Tom O'Haver; Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation
An extensive collection of articles on constructivist teaching strategies, change in education, technology in the classroom, hypertext and cognitive ... more>>

  Providing Hands-On, Minds-On, and Authentic Learning Experiences in Mathematics (NCREL) - Cathy Cook; Pathways to School Improvement
A linked essay giving overview, background, and issues around constructivist theory and its implementation. "When educators begin to see learning as ... more>>

* Constructivist Inquiry (Readings from LiveText)

Democracy and Education (John Dewey): The classic work, in hypertext form. In a sense, Dewey was the first to bring constructivism (a.k.a. instrumentalism) to pedagogic discourse.

Grazing the Net: Raising a Generation of Free Range Students (Jamie McKenzie, From Now On): A discussion of constructivism and the Inquiry approach using the Internet in the Classroom. From Now On is an educational journal devoted to technology-related issues.

Technology and Education: New Wine in New Bottles - Choosing Pasts and Imagining Educational Futures (Robert McClintock, Luyen Chou, Frank Moretti and Don H. Nix: NLTL, 1993): Constructivist Pedagogy and school design discussed in light of post-print information technologies.

For more, search or browse Constructivism in the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

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