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for Mathematics
The Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) is a four-year, problem-based mathematics curriculum for high schools, designed to meet the needs of both college-bound and non-college-bound students.There are currently a number of Interactive Mathematics Project (IMP) pages on the Web:

  Baker's Choice - Key Curriculum Press
An Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) unit for replacing about three weeks of student practice with graphs and equations in a traditional algebra, ... more>>

  Evaluating Long-Term Student Effects and Teacher Inservice Needs for Dissemination of the Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) - Norman Webb
Abstract of a report to the NSF by Norman Webb. The IMP curriculum integrates the four years of mathematics traditionally presented as separate ... more>>

  The Interactive Mathematics Program: A Report - Mark Freitag, Univ. of Georgia
The Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP, 1994) is a project designed to implement change in the high school mathematics curriculum. This paper ... more>>

  The Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) - Chicago, Univ. of Illinois
A Model for Mathematics Education Reform. A four-year, problem based mathematics curriculum for high schools, to meet the needs of both college-bound ... more>>

  Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) - Key Curriculum Press
A four-year integrated problem-based secondary mathematics curriculum and professional development program for teachers that meets college entrance ... more>>

  An Overview of IMP Years 1 and 2 - Kim Mackey
An in-depth review of the Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) by a teacher. Contents include: Introduction: Why be concerned about IMP? Brief ... more>>

  Technology in the IMP Classroom - Alper, Fendel, Fraser, Resek
The Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP) has developed a new four-year high school curriculum which is organized around units lasting from 5 to 8 ... more>>

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