1997 Joint Mathematics Meetings

Sessions on Teaching Abstract Algebra

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Following is a selection of presentations from the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 8-11 January 1997, San Diego, CA.

MAA Session
Innovations in Teaching Abstract Algebra

Allen C. Hibbard, Central College hibbarda@ac.central.edu
Ellen Maycock Parker, DePauw University
Krystina K. Leganza, Ball State University
  1. C++ Classes for Group Theoretical Computations
    Jeffrey W. Clark, Elon College
  2. Finite Matrix Groups using MATLAB
    George B Mackiw, Loyola College in Maryland
  3. Visualizing Games and Their Groups Using Interactive Texts
    John Pais
    Richard Singer
  4. On Driving Students to Abstraction
    Paul Fjelstad
  5. A Comparison of Student Attitudes Toward Abstract Algebra
    Julie M. Clark, Emory &Henry College
    Clare Hemenway, University of Wisconsin Marathon Center
    Dennis St. John, Central Michigan University
    Georgia Tolias, Purdue University Calumet
    Roozbeh Vakil, Benedict College
  6. Ringing a Peal - an Aural Permutation Group
    Lucy Dechene, Fitchburg State College
  7. A Classroom Activity on Permutations
    Matthew J. Haines
  8. Teaching Abstract Algebra with {\it ISETL}: An Instructor's View
    Robert S. Smith, Miami University
  9. Student Explorations in Algebra
    Mysore Jagadish, Barry University
  10. Using Group Activities to Build a Foundation
    Steve Morics, University of Redlands
  11. Teaching Abstract Algebra Today
    Saunders Mac Lane, The University of Chicago
  12. Laboratory Experiences in Group Theory: A Discovery Approach using Exploring Small Groups
    Ellen M Parker
  13. FGB: A windows environment for beginning group theory
    Edward C Keppelmann, University of Nevada Reno
    Bayard S Webb, University of Nevada Reno
  14. Exploring Abstract Algebra with ISETL.
    Ruth I. Berger, Luther College
  15. Presentations of Groups and Rings Using Mathematica
    William H. Paulsen, Arkansas State University
  16. Labs for Group Theory: {\it Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica}
    Allen C. Hibbard, Central College
  17. A modified discovery approach to teaching and learning abstract algebra.
    Steven R. Benson, University of New Hampshire
  18. Teaching Algebra Through Investigations
    Larry Copes, Augsburg College
  19. Enabling and Empowering: Small Group Learning in Abstract Algebra
    Mary T Treanor, Valparaiso University
  20. Use of Team Presentations in Abstract Algebra Courses
    Robert C Mers, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

College algebra reform.
MAA CRAFTY Panel Discussion

Donald B. Small, U.S. Military Academy
Della Bell, Texas Southern University
Linda Kime, University of Massachusetts, Boston

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