1997 Joint Mathematics Meetings

Sessions on Careers in Math

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Following is a selection of presentations from the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 8-11 January 1997, San Diego, CA.

AMS Special Session
Mathematics of Industry, Government and Business: A Survey

Desiree A. Beck, Washington, DC dbeck@afterlife.ncsc.mil
  1. Precise Positioning of Ground Targets Observed by Airborne Surveillance Radar
    Mark G. Yarbrough, Daniel H. Wagner, Associates
  2. What's a mathematician like you doing in a place like that?
    Leon H. Seitelman, Pratt &Whitney
  3. Mathematics in Preclinical Drug Development
    Laura A. Bloom, Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
  4. A Survey of Mathematical Applications in Biotechnology and Related Fields.
    Stanley J. Benkoski, Wagner Associates
  5. Nonlinear Interference Suppression Techniques for Digital Communications
    James W. Bond, SAIC
  6. Reynolds Equation and Its Impact on the Data Storage Industry
    Derry Connolly

What it takes to have a successful career in the mathematical sciences.
AWM Panel Discussion

Chuu-Lian Terng, Northeastern University
Lynne M. Butler, Haverford College
Mary W. Gray, American University
Nancy J. Kopell, Boston University
Lesley M. Sibner, Polytechnic University
Audrey Terras, University of California, San Diego

Teaching precollege mathematics.
MAA-Young Mathematicians Network Panel Discussion

Kevin Charlwood, Saint Leo College
Susan L. Addington, California State University at San Bernardino
Gregory P.B. Dresden, University of Texas at Austin
Linda P. Rosen, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

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