1997 Joint Mathematics Meetings

Sessions on Teaching Linear Algebra

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Following is a selection of presentations from the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 8-11 January 1997, San Diego, CA.

MAA Session
Innovations in Teaching Linear Algebra

David C. Lay, University of Maryland lay@math.umd.edu
Steven J. Leon, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  1. ATLAST Lesson Plans for Visualizing and Discovering Linear Algebra
    Steven J Leon, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  2. Using MATLAB to Promote Visualization and Discovery of the Concepts of Span and Subspace
    Mary E Scherer, University of Redlands
    David P Nasby, Orange Coast College
    Jeff W Neslen, Ursinus College
    Paul R Patten, North Georgia College
    Marcus J Saegrove, Viterbo College
  3. A geometric introduction to the SVD
    Dan Kalman, The Mathematical Association of America
  4. The Magnification Factor, Geometrically
    David R. Hill, Temple University
  5. Singular Value Decomposition as a Last Lecture for Linear Algebra Classes
    Richard H. Elderkin, Pomona College
    Colm Mulcahy, Spelman College
    John F. Rossi, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
  6. The Inclusion of Writing Assignments and Technology in a Linear Algebra Course
    Jennifer M McNulty, The University of Montana
  7. A project of Geometric Visualization in Linear Algebra
    EnBing Lin, University of Toledo
  8. Using The Joy of Mathematica in Linear Algebra
    Alan Shuchat, Wellesley College
    Fred Shultz, Wellesley College
  9. Eigenshows using Mathematica
    Tilak A de Alwis, Southeastern Louisiana University
  10. Matrix inverses and linear independence - making the mysterious obvious
    Patrick A. Rossi
  11. When can (or should) we teach least squares?
    Richard N Barshinger, Penn State-Scranton
    Caroline Haddad, SUNY-Geneseo
  12. ``Tech'' Lesson Plans: Least Squares and the Normal Equations
    William C. Calhoun, Kalamazoo College
  13. Least Squares Problems and Developing the Concept of Projection in Linear Algebra Course
    Mikhail M. Bouniaev, Southern Utah University
  14. Strategies for teaching subspaces and spanning sets
    David C. Lay,
  15. The impact of students' ways of thinking on their ways of understanding basic linear algebra concepts
    Guershon Harel, Purdue University
  16. Innovations in Teaching Linear Algebra
    Gilbert Strang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  17. Orthogonal triangularization and symmetric diagonalization
    Charles R Johnson
  18. Using quantifiers and set-builder notation in elementary linear algebra
    David Carlson, San Diego State University
  19. Student work groups in linear algebra classes.
    A. Duane Porter, University of Wyoming
  20. Visualization: pictures or algebra?
    John Hannah, University of Canterbury
  21. Computation and Conceptualization: The Case of the Dot Product
    Michelle A Manes,
  22. Change of Basis Made Simple.
    Geza Schay, University of Massachusetts at Boston
  23. On the Real Jordan Form for a Real Matrix
    Nicholas J. Rose, North Carolina State University
  24. Exploring Numerical Linear Algebra via a Spreadsheet
    Deane E. Arganbright, University of Papua New Guinea
  25. An ATLAST Lesson Plan on Linear Transformations
    William J. Higgins, Wittenberg University
  26. Directing Student Application Projects in Mathematica
    John R Wicks, North Park College
  27. Visualization of Parametric Representations of Lines
    Donald L Muench, St. John Fisher College
  28. Successful strategies and projects for teaching linear algebra
    Marta B. Pecuch-Herrero, Arizona State University West
  29. Linear Algebra in Context
    Thomas D. Morley, Georgia Tech
  30. Intersecting (Affine) Subspaces: A Way To Measure The Realtive Size Of Subspaces.
    John W. Davenport, Georgia Southern University
  31. Turning Lights Out with Linear Algebra
    Marlow Anderson, The Colorado College
    Todd Feil, Denison University

College algebra reform.
MAA CRAFTY Panel Discussion

Donald B. Small, U.S. Military Academy
Della Bell, Texas Southern University
Linda Kime, University of Massachusetts, Boston

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