1997 Joint Mathematics Meetings

Sessions on Research in Math Education

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Following is a selection of presentations from the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 8-11 January 1997, San Diego, CA.

AMS-MAA Special Session
Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education

M. Kathleen Heid, Pennsylvania State University IK8@psu.edu
David M. Mathews, Central Michigan University david.m.mathews@cmich.edu
  1. Supplementary methods for assessing student performance on a standardized test in elementary algebra.
    Barry M. Cherkas, Hunter College (City University of New York)
    Alvin Baranchik, Hunter College (City University of New York)
  2. Student Difficulties in Introductory Statistics
    Melissa Mellissinos, San Diego State University
  3. General Logic Actions And Development of Mathematical Thinking
    Mikhail M. Bouniaev, Southern Utah University
  4. The impact of computer-integration in a first-year calculus sequence
    James F. Hurley, University of Connecticut
    Uwe Koehn, University of Connecticut
  5. History of One School's Study of the Impact of Changes in the Calculus Curriculum
    Barbara J. Pence, San Jose State Univ
    Bem Cayco, San Jose State Univ
  6. A Study of Two Calculus Reform Projects and the Traditional Calculus Class
    Hortensia Soto-Johnson, University of Southern Colorado
  7. Evaluating the effects of reform on student attitudes
    Richard D. West, U.S. Military Academy
  8. University Calculus Students' Conceptual Understanding of the Limit of a Function
    Jennifer Earles Szydlik, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
  9. Improving the Quality of Instruction in Calculus with Peer Learning Assistants
    Susan L Ganter, National Science Foundation and Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  10. A Compass Instrument for Mathematics Education Reform
    Brian A. Keller, Iowa State University
  11. Research on Teaching Calculus I: The Role of Writing and Cooperative Group Learning in Developing Conceptual Understanding
    Leslie Aspinwall, Middle Tennessee State University
    L Diane Miller, Middle Tennessee State University
  12. Findings from a Research-Based Course Development
    Albert D. Otto, Illinois State University
    Cheryl A. Lubinski, Illinois State University
  13. Mental Constructions Used in Understanding the Chain Rule Concept
    Julie M Clark, Emory & Henry College
    Francisco Cordero, CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico
    Jim Cottrill, Georgia State University
    Bronislaw Czarnocha, Hostos Community College, CUNY
    David J DeVries, Georgia College & State University
    Denny St. John, Central Michigan University
    Georgia Tolias, Purdue University Calumet
    Draga Vidakovic, North Carolina State University
  14. Students' Construction of the Sequence Concept
    David M Mathews, Central Michigan University
    Michael A McDonald, Occidental College
    Kevin Strobel, Pacific University
  15. Students' Understanding of Quantified Statements in Natural Language and in Mathematics
    Ed Dubinsky, Georgia State University
    Olga Yiparaki, Agnes Scott College & University of Arizona
  16. The Development of Students' Understanding of Permutations and Symmetries
    Mark Asiala, Georgia State University
    Anne Brown, Indiana University South Bend
    Jennifer Kleiman, Georgia State University
    David Mathews, Central Michigan University
  17. Students' Understanding of Cosets, Normality and Quotient Groups
    Steve Morics, University of Redlands
    Mark Asiala, Georgia State University
    Ed Dubinsky, Georgia State University
    David Mathews, Central Michigan University
    Asuman Oktac, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh
  18. On learning binary operations, groups, and subgroups
    Anne E Brown, Indiana University South Bend
    David J DeVries, Georgia College
    Ed Dubinsky, Georgia State University
    Karen Thomas, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
  19. On the Relationship Between Students' Proof Schemes and the Formation of Their Conception of Basic Linear Algebra Ideas.
    Guershon Harel, Purdue University
    Sonia P Hristovitch, Purdue University
    Larry Sowder, San Diego State University
  20. Students' Understanding of Mathematical Definitions in Real Analysis
    Barbara S Edwards, Penn State University
  21. Mathematicians' Views of Mathematics
    John Selden, MERC
    Annie Selden, Tennessee Tech. Univ.

Undergraduate mathematics education: Visions for the future.
MAA Panel Discussion

Judy Holdener, U.S. Air Force Academy
Sally Fischbeck, Rochester Institute of Technology
Jerry Uhl, University of Illinois
Ignatios Vakalis, Capital University
Frank Wattenberg, Weber State University

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