1997 Joint Mathematics Meetings

Sessions on College Standards

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Following is a selection of presentations from the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 8-11 January 1997, San Diego, CA.

MAA Session
Innovations in Courses Before Calculus:
Implementing the Crossroads Standards

Ray E. Collings, Dekalb College, Central Campus rcolling@dekalb.dc.peachnet.edu
Janet Ray, Seattle Central Community College jray@guest.nwnet.net
  1. Technology in Intermediate Algebra
    Darrell H. Abney, Maysville Community College
    Lillie R. F. Crowley, Lexington Community College
  2. The Precalculus Reform Project Based at Harvard
    Philip Cheifetz, Nassau Community College
  3. Quantitative reasoning: A new course for the core requirement in mathematics for an associate degree
    Gary L Britton, University of Wisconsin Center-Washington County
    Neil Stahl, University of Wisconsin Center-Fox Valley
  4. Technology, Hands-on Modeling, Cooperative Learning: Activities for early mathematics experiences in the college classroom
    Rosalie A. Dance, Georgetown University
  5. Problem Solving, Modeling and Data Analysis Labs in College Algebra and Precalculus
    Wendy Metzger, Palomar College
  6. Implementing the Standards in Intermediate Algebra
    Dennis Ebersole, Northampton Community College
  7. Modeling Periodic Phenomena at the Precalculus Level: Future Scientists or Future Surveyors?
    Florence S Gordon, N.Y. Institute of Technology
  8. Maricopa Mathematics Consortium
    Alan Jacobs, Scottsdale Community College
  9. Approximating the Sine and Cosine Functions
    Sheldon P Gordon, Suffolk Community College
  10. Algebra, Trigonometry, and Mathematica
    Barry Brunson, Western Kentucky University
  11. Using CBL Systems and the Web in Introductory College Courses
    Linda H Boyd, DeKalb College
  12. Increasing Student Understanding By Writing Analogies
    Stephen Brown, Olivet Nazarene University
  13. Technology, Explorations, and Modeling in Elementary Algebra
    Elaine Hubbard, Kennesaw State University
  14. General Mathematics: Problem Solving Strategies
    Thomas J. Klein, Morehead State University
  15. Reform-Based College Algebra
    Tena L. Golding, Southeastern Louisiana University
  16. Applications Anchor Mathematics
    John C. Peterson, Chattanooga State Technical Community College
    William J. Wagner
  17. Teaching College Algebra with the TI-83: Students Asking For More Challenges in Class
    Zacchaeus K. Oguntebi, DeKalb College
  18. Using Systems Dynamics to Integrate the Principal MathematicalTopics in an Intermediate Algebra Course
    Scott R. Herriott, Maharishi University of Management
  19. Lessons From a Precalculus Project
    Carl Swenson, Seattle University

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