1997 Joint Mathematics Meetings

Sessions on Technology and Math

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Following is a selection of presentations from the Joint Mathematics Meetings, 8-11 January 1997, San Diego, CA.

MAA Invited Address

The deepening impact of technology on mathematics and the means by which it can be learned and taught: The case of mathematics of change and variation
James Kaput, University of Massachussetts, Dartmouth

Innovative programs using technology in mathematics service courses.
MAA Presentation

Susan S. Lenker, Central Michigan University
Bostwik F. Wyman, The Ohio State University

Impact of information technology on undergraduate mathematical sciences education.
MAA Presentation

Lee Zia, National Science Foundation
Tom Banchoff, Brown University
Dennis DeTurck, University of Pennsylvania
Cynthia Sanner, Brooks Cole Publishing
Frank Wattenberg, Carroll College

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