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The Forum's Internet Mathematics Library provides a number of pages of links to resources for Math Education Reform. A few selections from these pages are offered below.

  The Algebra Project - North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL)
An interactive curriculum designed to help inner-city and rural students better understand mathematical concepts. Developed by Bob Moses, a ... more>>

  Annenberg Institute for School Reform (AISR) - Brown University
The Annenberg Institute develops, shares and acts on knowledge that improves outcomes of schooling in America, especially in urban communities and in ... more>>

  Center for the Development of Teaching (CDT) - Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)
A research and development center whose goal is to learn how teachers' practice can be transformed to support students' construction of knowledge. ... more>>

  Habits of mind: an organizing principle for mathematics curriculum (Connected Geometry) - Cuoco, Goldenberg, Mark; Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)
A curriculum the goal of which is not to train large numbers of high school students to be university mathematicians, but rather to allow high school ... more>>

  Honest Open Logical Debate (HOLD)
Debate on math reform - an organization of people in the Palo Alto (California) community who feel that some of the changes being made in the name of ... more>>

  Looking for Gauss... or Waiting for Godot - Mathematical Sciences Education Board (MSEB)
Report on a 1994 symposium, "Mathematics Reform Goes to College," held at the National Academy of Sciences, which addressed three major areas: ... more>>

  Math Education Page - Henri Picciotto
Math education articles by the author, with an emphasis on algebra. A New Algebra: Tools, Themes, Concepts, an article that summarizes the pedagogical ... more>>

  Mathematically Correct: 2+2=4 - Paul Clopton
A site devoted to the concerns raised by parents and scientists about the invasion of schools by the New-New Math and the need to restore basic skills ... more>>

  Mathematically Sane
Advocates of rational reform of school mathematics. The site includes a mission statement; articles and reports about mathematics reform; evidence and ... more>>

  Mathematical Sciences Education Board (MSEB) - Center for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Education (CSMEE), National Research Council
The MSEB provides national leadership and guidance for policies, programs, and practices supporting the improvement of mathematics education at all ... more>>

  Mathematics and Motivation - Liza Ewen; Math Forum
An annotated bibliography offering a collection of articles, chapters and Math Forum discussions that begin to address how student motivation affects ... more>>

  President's Column (MAA) - Ken Ross
MAA President Ken Ross wrote this column for Focus on the need to connect K12 and college-level ... more>>

  The Teacher as Facilitator - Classroom Compass
The spring 1994 issue of Classroom Compass, Working for Reform, looks at the idea of teacher as facilitator - a basic part of the reformed classroom. ... more>>

  Two Points of View - Tom O'Brien
"Children are not stones or recording devices. They are, first of all, sense-makers." In summarizing his work with practicing teachers on the four ... more>>

  What's Noteworthy on Learners, Learning & Schooling - Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL)
"The major challenges for educational reform today are putting the pieces together to create sustainable systemic change and scaling up systemic ... more>>

For more, search or browse Math Education Reform in the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library.

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