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The Math Forum is a center for math education research, especially in the use of the Internet and other learning technologies for math education and teacher training. Here is a sampling of the results of our efforts over the years. (See the Research page for a selection of other math education research organizations and projects.)

  A comprehension tool for mathematics?: the Math Forum @ Drexel's Online Mentoring Guide - Renninger, Ray, Luft, and Newton
Two studies of the Math Forum's Online Mentoring Guide (OMG) address whether and how online comprehension tools might support mathematics learning. In ... more>>

  Encouraging Mathematical Thinking, Discourse around a Rich Problem - Math Forum: Bridging Research and Practice Group (BRAP)
This videopaper by the Math Forum's Bridging Research and Practice Group (BRAP) of teacher practitioners and Math Forum Staff opens a conversation ... more>>

  Ethnography at the Math Forum [PDF file] - Wesley Shumar
A discussion of the author's research on teacher communities, networking, and professional development online through the Math Forum, and techniques ... more>>

  If You Build It, Will They Come? Participant Involvement in Digital Libraries - Giersch, Klotz, McMartin, Muramatsu, Renninger, Shumar, and Weimar
A paper concerning a workshop involving representatives from several digital libraries with user participation. The workshop explored the ways users ... more>>

  The Impact of the Math Forum's Problem(s) of the Week on Students' Mathematical Thinking - K. Ann Renninger, Laura Farra, and Claire Feldman-Riordan
Article in PDF format. Presented at the International Conference of the Learning Sciences ... more>>

  Learning & Mathematics Discussion Sessions - Math Forum
Newsgroup discussions inspired by recent work on how students learn mathematics among mathematicians, teachers of mathematics, and students of ... more>>

  The Roles of Interest and Mathematical Beliefs in Preservice Teachers' Learning to Mentor Online [PDF] - Ray & Renninger
Paper presented as part of a symposium, American Educational Research Association, Chicago, IL. A study of preservice teachers working with the Math ... more>>

  Students' Interest for and Work with Applet-Enhanced Word Problems - Renninger, Sinclair, Hand, Stohl, Alejandre, and Underwood
Article from the International Conference on Learning Sciences archive, Proceedings of the 6th international conference on Learning sciences. ... more>>

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