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To document and encourage productive involvement of mathematicians in K-12 education. The emphasis is on low (or no) budget involvement in the schools - special math days, working with students, working with teachers, lending expertise to schools and school systems, getting on and working on school boards, etc.

Brought to you by Susan Addington and Judy Roitman.

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    Apply to be a mentor in the Making Mathematics project, which provides problems and help for high school students and teachers in a mathematical research experience.

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We are looking for descriptions (brief is okay) of what has been done that can be useful for other mathematicians contemplating doing similar things. We are interested in practical stuff. What you did is sufficient in itself. What you wish you'd done differently and what issues came up that you didn't expect would be nice additions. And so on -- whatever you think would be helpful to others. Informal is good, length is up to you, references to other material or web sites are not necessary but are always appreciated.

Please send material to Judy Roitman or Susan Addington.

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