NCTM San Diego Sessions on Parental Involvement

NCTM San Diego

This is a selection of presentations from the 74th Annual NCTM Meeting, 25-28 April 1996, San Diego, CA.

We will endeavor to collect more information on the individual talks (abstract, preprint, etc.) and on the subject matter (bibliography, ancillary material, related Web sites, etc.).



  • Beyond the Classroom - A Parent Involvement Program
    Linda B. Feldmesser (Manor Woods Elementary, Ellicott City, MD)
    Delma Kemmet (Manor Woods Elementary, Ellicott City, MD) Level: K - 6, Type: Regular

  • Bridges Between School and Home: Helping Parents Work with Their Child At Home
    Kay B. Sammons (Howard County Public Schools, Ellicott City, MD)
    Level: 2 - 5, Type: Extended

  • FAMILY MATH: Activities for Early Childlhood
    Steven L. Jordan (University of Illinois, Chicago, IL)
    Laurie Braga (University of Illinois, Chicago, IL)
    Level: K - 4, Type: Activity

  • Math to Go! Ideas to Engage Families in Mathematics Activities at Home
    Jean Ehnebuske (Irving ISD Math Power Project, Irving, TX)
    Level: K - 4, Type: Talk About It

  • Mathematics Problem Solving: The Role of Peers and Adults (Teacher, Parents) as Helpers
    Vicki Silver Zack (St. George's Elem. School, Montreal, Quebec)
    Type: Professional Development Regular

  • How Do We "Sell" the Mathematics Reform to Parents/ Community?
    Dee Brown (DeMirjyn-Brown & Associates, Riverbank, CA)
    Level: K - 6, Type: How To Deal With It

  • Math to Go: Connecting School to Home Through Literature
    Joan M. Fitton (Worcester Public Schools, Worcester, MA)
    Level: K - 2, Type: Extended

  • Reflecting on Parent Involvement From the Fifteen-Year Perspective of FAMILY MATH
    Virginia Thompson (University of California, Berkeley, CA)
    Karen Mayfield (University of California, Berkeley, CA)
    Level: K - 4, Type: Regular

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