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This is a selection of presentations from the 74th Annual NCTM Meeting, 25-28 April 1996, San Diego, CA.

We will endeavor to collect more information on the individual talks (abstract, preprint, etc.) and on the subject matter (bibliography, ancillary material, related Web sites, etc.). In the list below, a * means that the speakers have provided additional material on their talk.



  • Menus: Use Kids Restaurant Menus Integrating Health, Science, Language Arts, Social Science
    Patricia D. Dahl (Vancouver, WA)
    Level: K-4, Type: Extended

  • The Perfect Bridge to Understanding: Math Modeling Through Social Studies
    Judith Koenig (Platt Middle School, Boulder, CO)
    Level: 5-8, Type: Extended

  • Alaska's Wolves and Caribou: Uses and Limits of Math Modeling in Policy Making
    Shelly Goldman (Institute for Research on Learning, Palo Alto, CA)
    Level: 6-8, Type: Extended

  • A Curriculum/Instruction Model with Specific Activities to Integrate Math and Science
    Donna F. Berlin (Natl Ctr Teaching/Learning,Columbus,OH)
    Arthur L. White (National Center for Science Teaching and Learning, Columbus, OH)
    Level: 3-8, Type: Regular

  • The Mathematics of Codes Through Literature and History - Tales From De-Crypt
    David Knee (Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY)
    William J. McKeough (Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY)
    Level: 10-14, Type: Regular

  • Building Bridges of Understanding Between Algebra and Biology
    Virginia M. Horak (Tucson Unified School District, Tucson, AZ)
    Level: 9-12, Type: Regular

  • Curricular Integration in Middle School Math: A University-Schools-Business Partnership
    Edward M. Landesman (University of California, Santa Cruz, CA)
    Margaret Johnson White (Washington Middle School, Salinas, CA)
    Level: 7-9, Type: Poster

    Packaging and the Environment: Connects Mathematics to Science and the Real World
    Christine V. Johnson (University of Washington, Seattle, WA)
    Level: 6-8, Type: Extended
    Teaching the Process of Mathematical Modeling Using a Model of Political Parties
    Joshua Paul Abrams (Mass Academy of Math. and Sci., Worcester, MA)
    Level: 9-12, Type: Extended

    Earthquake Mathematics: An Original Investigation for Teachers and Students
    Shirley B. Gray (California State University, Los Angeles, CA)
    Level: 10-16, Type: Regular

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