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This is the summary of a presentation given at the 74th Annual NCTM Meeting, 25-28 April 1996, San Diego, CA.

Curricular Integration in Middle School Math: A University-Schools-Business Partnership

This session will present work being conducted currently by three primary academic collaborators - the University of California, Santa Cruz, Washington Middle School and Radioics, Inc. - with support from the California Academic Partnership Program, and with additional support from the National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning. Our efforts are motivated by a desire to understand the problem of generally low levels of mathematics achievement and participation among populations of Mexican descent. In an attempt to address this problem, we are developing and testing a thematic approach designed to provide a mathematics curriculum rich in higher order thinking processes. We will present the rationale for the approach, the mechanics of university-school curriculum collaboration, research results from preliminary work that preceded the present effort, research on parental aspirations and expectations for their children's futures and the nature of parents' instrumental knowledge of educational and career paths, and implications of this information for program design and implementation. We will discuss administrative strategies and support mechanisms required to implement curricular reform, a collaborative effort to evaluate program outcomes, and contributions of the project's business partner to the project's curricular reforms.

Edward M. Landesman (University of California, Santa Cruz, CA)
Margaret Johnson White (Washington Middle School, Salinas, CA)

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