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This list was constructed using a search of NSF-sponsored projects. Each link leads to an abstract of the project, stored at NSF. The first two digits of the numbers that appear to the left of the names of the proposals indicate the year in which the award was granted.

   Some Math Curriculum Development Projects
      in the NSF Awards Database:

  1. [1002822] Contextualizing Career Technical Education (CTE) in Math: a Community College and High School Project

  2. [0962778] Mathematical ACES: Algebraic Concepts for Elementary Students

  3. [0928971] MSP-Start: Science and Math Applied Real-problem Teaching (SMART)

  4. [0939032] CPATH-1: Developing Computational Thinking Skills Across the Undergraduate Curriculum

  5. [0802581] Math and Science Curriculum for the Digital Bridge Academy

  6. [0736271] Mathematics Across the Curriculum

  7. [0733189] Project M2: Maturing Mathematicians - Advanced Curriculum for Primary Level Students

  8. [0442439] Mathematics Across the Community College Curriculum - MAC3

  9. [0454739] A Longitudinal Comparison of the Effects of the Connected Mathematics Program and Other Curricula on Middle School Students' Learning of Algebra

  10. [0338262] Track 2, GK-12 MUSIC: Math Understanding through Science Integrated with Curriculum

  11. [0242704] Research, and Revision of the TIMS/Math Trailblazer Elementary Mathematics Curriculum

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